Yes. Natural stone is porous making it susceptible to staining. Therefore, a sealer should be applied which will fill in the voids and cut down on the porosity of the product. 

With LVT you do not have to be as particular about the subfloor. In many cases this will save you the expense of installing an underlayment.  Another great feature of LVT is its ability to be repaired in the event you have a scratch or gouge. LVT is easier to repair and much less noticeable than on a sheet vinyl.

Wood will expand and contract due to moisture levels in the air and the substrate they are being installed upon.  It is necessary to have the wood flooring within 3% variance of the substrate.  This is achieved by placing the wood flooring in the same area as the substrate.

Most engineered wood can be screened and/or refinished.  A quality engineered floor will last as long and perform as well as a solid wood floor.  As a rule of thumb, count on 1-3 times.

It is completely natural for hardwood flooring to yellow, grow darker or even lighter over time, depending on the wood species. Exposure to direct sunlight and some artificial lighting may accelerate this process. Periodically moving furniture and rugs will keep your floor well blended.

No.  We suggest going with a good mid-grade carpet.  You will find that they have the same stain protection and carry most of the same warranties as the higher priced carpets.  It has been our experience that our customers change out carpet when it “uglies” out they do not wait until it “wears” out.

Yes.  We would recommend, however using a cushion with a moisture barrier that will keep any pet accidents from absorbing into the cushion and migrating to the subfloor. When it comes to carpeting and pets, a cut pile is the better choice. Looped pile carpets can snag on pets’ nails, causing yarn to fray, tear or pull out.

Yes, in areas that you may have a lot of roller traffic (ie, office chairs) we recommend a direct glue down installation with chair pads.  However, carpet cushion acts as a shock absorber extending the life of your carpet by keeping it from matting and crushing.  There are also many warranties that require a specific pound of cushion to be used otherwise the warranty will be void.  Please take the time to check with your carpet manufacturing warranty to be sure you are selecting the right cushion.

Engineered wood is real wood flooring that’s produced in layers bonded together, with a layer of genuine hardwood and multiple layers of high density fiberboard (HDF). The result is the beauty of hardwood with increased strength, stability, and warp resistance.